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ABAMERICA free gift

Welcome to our loyal customer community to claim your free gifts from our collection that we know you love. Our goal is to retain happy customers and show our customers the most sincere appreciation. Your checkout will only be valid after you have contacted and consulted with our free gift specialist. one account redeem one gift please. 

To claim your gift, follow the process shown below:

Step 1 : Contact your free gift specialist for free gift agreement.

Step 2 : Choose your desired gift by filtering the style option until the matching image shows what you want,  please note a free bag will be arranged in Dec with the customer application and approval only 

Step 3 : Check out your product ( no need to key in any payment info, please choose the free shipping 2 weeks option ) and fill out the shipping name and address you want your gift to go to.

Step 4 : Use the code you received from our free gift specialist to complete your order and your gift will be 100% free. Your free gift will arrive within 2 weeks 

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