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The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, but it has also brought people together. Nowhere is that more evident than in my neighborhood in San Diego, California! I’ve seen my community rally round local healthcare workers, forming a volunteer team that provides PPE and donates funds to thousands of doctors and nurses. The community has become the healthcare workers’ trusted friend – and it’s that spirit I wish to share with Bossa Luna.
Combining my knack for business and my sister’s talent for sewing, Abamerica Scrubs is on a mission to continue the community’s meaningful work. My company designs, produces, and sells scrub hats and headbands for healthcare workers.
ABAMERICA (A BRIGHT AMERICA) is dedicated to quality and service. Every design is created with love and the valuable input of real nurses. Every product is made with the finest materials and available at an affordable price.
We gave away hundreds of free products to healthcare workers. Countless brand ambassadors were engaged from the customer community pool. Together, we’re creating a new, caring world; one where customers are loved with heart and hand through high-quality, professionally-made products. Hopefully, you’ll love Bossa Luna back and become a lifelong customer!
Shop the ABAMERICA scrubs collection and check back each month for exciting new product launches! 

Linda Lee

I'm Linda, the owner. Inspired by your desire to have beautiful things, I pour my passion into every parcel I ship. My sister is the artist with a keen eye for cutting, sewing, and thoughtful design. Her background as a professional tailor shows in her attention to detail and commitment to quality.

"we a small, family-run business with a genuine love for making customers smile. Established in 2019, the shop has earned over thousands five-star reviews from its valued community of customers. Working from the family home overlooking the Valley, everything is done by hand and heart for the personal touch you deserve."

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