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The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, but it has also brought people together. Nowhere is that more evident than in my neighborhood in San Diego, California! I’ve seen my community rally round local healthcare workers, forming a volunteer team that provides PPE and donates funds to thousands of doctors and nurses. The community has become the healthcare workers’ trusted friend – and it’s that spirit I wish to share with Bossa Luna.

Combining my knack for business and my sister’s talent for sewing, Abamerica Scrubs is on a mission to continue the community’s meaningful work. My company designs, produces, and sells scrub hats and headbands for healthcare workers.

ABAMERICA (A BRIGHT AMERICA) is dedicated to quality and service. Every design is created with love and the valuable input of real nurses. Every product is made with the finest materials and available at an affordable price.

We gave away hundreds of free products to healthcare workers. Countless brand ambassadors were engaged from the customer community pool. Together, we’re creating a new, caring world; one where customers are loved with heart and hand through high-quality, professionally-made products. Hopefully, you’ll love Bossa Luna back and become a lifelong customer!

Shop the ABAMERICA scrubs collection and check back each month for exciting new product launches!

China Neeley

My name is China Neeley, AKA, Chi-Chi Marie. I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I currently work as a Monitor Tech, CNA and aspiring nurse in the Emergency Room at a level one trauma center at Navicent Health Medical Center Macoj, GC 31201

I don’t just wear my hats at work, but also at home when I’m cleaning and doing yard work. these caps cover my entire head comfortably with the option to loosen or tighten as I please. The sweat band that is in the front of the hat allows me to work longer without stopping every minute to wipe sweat. When I’m done with the hat for the day, I can toss it in the washer to wash for the next wear! Because they are 100% cotton, my head do not feel overheated when I’m working. These hats are simply heaven sent!

Rebecca Garcia

My name is Rebecca Garcia, MN,FNP-C,AGACNP-BC, a Family, Adult, Gerontology, Acute Care nurse practitioner who works in interventional Neuro radiology. Our department performs procedures on newborn infants to the elderly at Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR 97329

Because of my work environment, I wear hats all day. Having well constructed hats that hold up to the laundry and daily wear is important. Better than that,  comfy and functionality is super over the other brands

Lorna Johnson

My name is Lorna Johnson and  I'm a mom to two beautiful kids. I've been working as a Respiratory Therapist for eleven years at a local hospital Hartford Healthcare New Britain , CR 06052

I have been treating COVID-19 patients since the beginning of the pandemic. These are the most comfortable ones I own and I wear them to work every day. They are large enough to fit my blow out or even my braids and gives me the option to adjust to the perfect fit. I now have a collection of these hats,I have gotten so many compliments . 

Lisa Markley

My name is Lisa Markley, RDH, LDH. I have been a dental hygienist for over 26 years at Davenport, FL 33897.

Wearing PPE is nothing new for me but acquiring what I need has certainly become a challenge unitl ABAMERICA CAPS arrives. They’re well made, great quality and so cute! All of the variety of fabrics makes it difficult to decide which one I want ,These are also great when I am painting walls and ceilings. No more speckles or drips of paint in my hair.

Stephanie Kingery

CNA, working as a physical rehabilitation technician in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


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