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Stretchy Cap

  • Breathable Polyester
  • One Size Fits All closure
  • Care wash: Hand Wash with cold water. Lay flat to dry.
  • 4 BUTTONS FOR HANGING YOUR MASK – Masks can hurt your ears. Our ponytail scrub caps have 2 buttons on each side that are designed specifically for hanging your mask at your preferred tightness. It is a unique design and a smarter solution for angels like you. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction.
  • OVERSIZE POUCH WITH TOGGLE FOR LONG HAIR – Our ponytail scrub cap effortlessly holds long and thick hair and locs. The rear pouch has an elastic closure for you to easily put on and remove your cap. The toggle strings let you adjust the cap for the perfect fit over your gorgeous hair. Our products are perfectly designed for one size fits all.
  • BUILT-IN SWEAT-ABSORBING BAND – When you are busy, there is no time for you to stop and wipe the sweat away from your eyes. So, we gave our caps a sweatband that wicks moisture away from your skin. It’s so comfy you won’t know you’re wearing it.
  • 100% POLYESTER FOR COOL COMFORT – Ditch disposable caps for something stylish and long-lasting. We use 100% polyester fabric that is both lightweight for comfort, and tightly woven for durability. The webbing strap can be tied around your ponytail, and at the back or looped at the top. This is the surgical cap women and men will compliment on!
  • HEAVENLY CAPS FOR ANGEL HEARTS – Abamerica is a local family business serving and supported by the nurse community. We provide beautiful, innovative surgical caps for angels who are dedicated to helping others. We are the top-rated scrub cap brand, offering 6 cap styles and 100 + fabric designs.


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